Timo Sutinen - Percussionist & Drummer

Where it all began...

I was born in Finland and migrated to Australia as a child where I grew up surrounded by my family of artists and musicians.


Music has always been such an important part of who I am. 

My eldest brother was a well known drummer in the Sydney scene in the early 70's and worked at Mushroom (Festival) records. As his youngest brother and budding drum enthusiast, I was fortunate enough to be emersed into his world where I fell in love with the music industry.

My Passion for music...


As a young adult, I relocated to the Gold Coast where I have since spent the last 25 years developing my skills as a professional musician. 

I was introduced to Percussion and Drum teacher, Yenny Barnes in 1995 which is when my passion for Percussion was harvested.


I have covered all genres of music (with the exception of classical) and have traveled both Nationally and Internationally with my music. 

I have been a 'session muso' on many recordings and have been a member of bands who have supported Marcia Hinds, Vanessa Amorossi, legendary guitarist Louie Shelton and Ross Wilson band.


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My Biggest Influences...


  • Paul Kelly (for his story telling)

  • Neil & Tim Finn (for their experimental style with sound)

  • Bob Marley (for his truth & his voice for the world lyrics)

  • The Beetles (for their harmonies & revolutionary sound)

  • Santana (for their latin percussion & soul music)

  • James Taylor (for his effortless form & story telling) 

Timo Sutinen with legendary guitarist, Louie Shelton

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